Tuesday, February 3, 2009


ok, seriously, who steals a porch rocker? Yesterday morning I took Emma out to wait for the bus and when I looked back at the porch I noticed one of our rocking chairs was missing. I thought that was quite odd because we had put them down on their sides so they wouldn't bang around when the wind blew. That plus the fact that they are kind of heavy, I knew it was very unlikely it had blown off the porch, but I looked around the side of the house anyway. Yeah, it's not there. So...to whoever came and stole our rocking chair off the porch, could you please bring it back? The porch looks funny without it. Thanks!


  1. That is something I worry about at my house, but think I'm crazy for worrying about it. Guess it really DOES happen.

    I hope you get it back!

  2. That sucks!