Thursday, October 30, 2008


I signed up to get daily emails from a website and the email today kind of freaks me out. It said I need to pack my hospital bag! Chances are I had my bag packed around this time in all the other pregnancies, but this time I'm really having trouble grasping the concept that this baby will be here in 6 weeks or so, whether I'm ready or not. And we are so not ready. The crib is not assembled, the clothes are not put away. The baby's room is a huge mess right now because I've been using it as a dumping ground while sorting through Megan's stuff. In fact the whole house is a mess right now because I've been lazy and just let everything pile up everywhere instead of dealing with things in a timely fashion.
I do have to admit that the list of what to pack is rather extensive and makes me giggle. I 'm sure I packed almost everything on the list when I had Emma, and with each kids it was scaled back based on what I remembered using/needing, but I still took too much stuff. This time I'm being realistic and Iwill probably only pack about 10 things. Compare that to the list of over 30 items the website's checklist had on it. To me all that extra stuff is just more crap we have to carry inside and then bring back home, and at least half of it won't get touched.
Holy crap, I can't believe it's time to pack!

Monday, October 27, 2008

33 weeks

7 weeks to go. I didn't think it was possible to gain weight more rapidly than I had been, I was wrong. The weigh-ins seriously make me want to cry. It's ridiculous! Anyway the car seat arrived today. We decided to get this seat:

We both liked it and it is neutral enough to me. Plus I found some good coupons online for 20% off and got free shipping. My advice for today is anytime you are shopping online, always do a yahoo search for coupons for the store you are shopping at. There are tons of coupons, both printable and online codes, available for free.
Anyway I go back to the doc in 2 weeks, at which time he'll be checking to see if I'm dilating at all. I guess the reality of that had kicked me in the butt to start getting things ready. I am finally sorting out all the baby clothes and transferring all Megan's stuff to Emma's room. Megan loves being in Emma's room and has adjusted so well. I can't believe we're going to have another baby in 7 weeks!

Friday, October 24, 2008

kid free

Sean and I will be spending this weekend kid free. Unfortunately it's not as exciting as it sounds since we have to go and do some deep cleaning on the camper and winterize it, but it will be our first time alone with no kids overnight since Megan was born. For the record, that's almost 2 years! And it's just in time to start the cycle of never getting out of the house with no kids again. Originally we'd hoped to take a big anniversary trip this yer since it's our 5 year anniversary and we never took a honeymoon. But since I'm going to be 8+ months pregnant on our anniversary, I can't fly anywhere. Maybe on our 10 year I won't be pregnant...

baby robinson

yeah, I think we're sticking with that. Katie, we have looked everywhere for names. I have a book of 20,001 names, and you'd think there would be something in there, but nothing seems to fit. Either I like it and Sean hates it. Or Sean finds a name he really likes that makes me want to yak! Then there are the names we both like, but don't really fit with the other kids' names. Emma, Nathan, and Megan, are all-American names, as Melissa said, so something slightly different just sounds odd when you say them all together. Melissa, the boy names you suggested are all in use by close family members, except Jacob, which is the most popular boys name right now. I can't remember the girsl names you said, but I think Sean doesn't like most of them. We have both been making a list of names we like seperately, and hopefully some of our names will be the same. I think at this point we're going to have to just pick a name we both like and agree on, even if it doesn't "fit" with the other kids.
On the topic of names, Emma came home from school the other day and said she didn't like her name. When we asked her why she said, "Because it's not a thing. My friend's name is Paige, and her name is a thing, like the page of a book. So I'd like my name better if it were a thing." I told her we'd change her name to Wall. The jury is still out on that one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

busy busy

We are getting busier by the day it seems. Our weekends are pretty much full between now and Thanksgiving, and once thanksgiving is over, I'll only have 3 weeks left in this pregnancy. I am excited about the busy schedule because it means time will go by fast for me, which is a major plus since I feel I'm getting bigger by the day, and that means more uncomfortable by the day. I really don't feel too bad yet, though. I'm so glad about that because with all I have going on, I can't imagine trying to get through the next 8 weeks feeling like crap. I'm just glad I'm not an elephant with a 22 month gestation period!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

31 weeks

Went to the doctor again, it's weird going back so soon. I'm still gaining at a frightening rate, but not much I can do about that. All is well with the baby as far as we know. My blood pressure is still good, 116/74, and things are going just fine. I go back in another two weeks. I hate these every two week check-ups. I feel like they just weigh me, check my bp, and check the babies heart rate. In all honesty, it's not really worth the trip for me. If something were wrong, or seemed off I'd call the doctor, but otherwise I don't see why I can't continue going every 4 weeks until we are right at the end. I know doctors like to be on top of everything with pregnant women, and god forbid if I did develop pre-eclempsia they might catch it in office before I had symptoms, but I feel like going every two weeks is rather silly right now. All well, only 9 more weeks. Let's start making guesses on boy or girl, and I still need name help people, seriously!

Friday, October 10, 2008

we have a problem

So with only 9 weeks and a couple days left in this pregnancy I am starting to stress. Not about the delivery, or adding another baby to the family, but about the fact that we have no names picked out. Not even like a top 5 or anything. We do need both girl and boy names, so please help us. Reply with a comment with your kids names, or names you like, although don't post something you are thinking of using when you have children because we might like it and use it, and then you'd be mad someone stole your name. Anyway I'm really getting deperate, so please pass this request on to everyone you know. You know you don't want out child to end up with a horrible name, or no name at all. Maybe we'll steal George's idea and name it 7!

Monday, October 6, 2008

registered to vote?

Funny thing, we were outside letting the kids play tonight and Sean and I were talking with the other parents on our street. Two young people came by and asked where Emma was. I said in our house, why? Then they asked if she would like to register to vote. WHAT? I said, "No, she's 5." They looked dumbfounded as to how a 5 year old ended up on their list. I kept asking them questions about how they got the list or where the information for their list came from. They had no real answers, so now I'm a little concerned. I mean how does the Obama campaign get a list of people in the area not yet registered to vote, and then to top that off, how does my 5 year old daughter end up on that list?
Also just a reminder for all your Missourians; October 8th is the last day to register to vote, so get that taken care of tomorrow so you can vote on November 4th.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

just call me Santa

This weekend I got a big jump on Christmas shopping. I took advantage of sales going on and free shipping offers and did most of my shopping from my couch. I still have several things to get, but i'm well on my way, and because I'm an organized dork I have a spreadsheet of what I'm buying for everyone. I'm so happy I am finally making progress in this area. This is one thing I just can't afford to put off any longer.
Another exciting thing this weekend was taking the kids bowling for the first time. They loved it and did surprisingly well. Granted they used the bumpers, but Emma even got a strike in one frame. She was so excited! Of course I'm a bad mom (and blogger) and forgot my camera.

Other news: only 10 weeks to go this pregnancy. We still need to buy the baby a new car seat, but I'm puting it off for whatever reason. We also don't have the crib put together and Megan is still in the nursery. I'm thinking we'll be moving her towards the end of this month so she can get settled in her new room with Emma long before the baby arrives so she doesn't feel like she got kicked out of her room by the baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Obviously the only things my kids are really good at sharing are germs. I have caught a cold from them and have been feeling really icky the last few days. Has anyone else noticed that I always get a really nasty cold when I'm pregnant and can't take anything? I feel like I always get sick when I'm pregnant and nursing, and it's usually something that meds would help, but I can't take anythiing so I suffer. Maybe it's just because I'm always pregnant or nursing?!