Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I know I'm early but I'll be on vacation where I won't have access to the internet for a whole week. Anyway it's time for our annual lake trip and the kids couldn't be more excited. Emma has been counting down the days. Every morning she gets up and promptly tells me how many more days until we go to the lake. I remember being like that, and now I'm stuck doing all the planning, organizing, and packing which isn't nearly as much fun as counting down the days. Everyone stay safe over the holiday, and I'll be thinking of you all while I'm lying in the lake all day long!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have arms?

Megan seems to forget that she has arms, and they have a purpose. If she is holding a toy up to her mouth and she drops it a little, instead of pulling it back up to her mouth, she leans forward trying to just get it with her mouth. It's rather funny watching her reaching and leaning so far forward trying to get a toy with her mouth wide open. Maybe someday she learn what her arms are for and give her neck a break!

Monday, June 25, 2007

the blog is rated...

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ok, so I found a link to a blog rating thing on another blogger's site and I thought oh what the heck I haven't said anything bad, but it might be interesting to see what it says. So I put in our page info and it spits out a G rating. Then I scroll down and it says I received a G rating because I used the word "hell" 3 times and the word "suck" once. I don't know about eeryone else, but I find it odd that I got a G rating when those words aren't exactly Disney movie appropriate. Disney movies are definitely moving in a different direction, but I don't think if the words hell and suck were used in them they would still be rated G. Of course maybe I'm just not that observant anymore and language really isn't an issue.

watch out

here she is in her big girl car seat. She has just about out grown the infant seat you can carry around. I'm very sad because as of Januray 2008 the infant seat will be expired, which means we will never use the seat again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

5 months old

Tims is passing so quickly now. Megan is 5 months old and is changing every day. Her bottom two teeth are in and I can tell there are more on the way with all thr drool that comes out of her mouth daily. She is also so close to crawling already. Yes, I said crawling! She already pushes up on her hands and knees, and sometimes her feet. She keeps pushing herself backwards though. She threw herself forward the other day in an effort to get Nathan, but other than that she scoots backward all the time, and she is fast! I keep thinking back to when Emma and Nathan were babies, and I'm amazed at how far ahead Megan is in comparison. I think it is mostly becaue she wants to keep up with Emma and Nathan, but it's fun watching her learn something new everyday. She is also very into her toys now, and will entertain herself for 15 minutes or more depending on her mood. It's so exciting watching her grow, but I'm going to miss these days as she gets bigger.
She also has gotten her very first cold. She is very uncomfortable, but not overly fussy. She really hates it when we suck out her nose, but that is better than her having trouble breathing when she eats because she is so stuffed up.
We have yet to start her on cereal or any other solids. I know a lot of parents start them out at 4 months, but neither Emma or Nathan were ready at 4 months, so we just waited with Megan too. Maybe we'll give it a try soon, but I don't really think she's missing out on anything. Stay tuned for pictures. I haven't taken any in the last couple of days, but I'm sure I'll get some this weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese Hell

Ok, I know that is not the real name of the restaurant, but it's what I call it, so this post just had to have that title. We finally gave in yesterday and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese Hell. It's not that I don't want my kids to have a good time, it's just that there are always other kids there that are mean and obnoxious and they run around with absolutely no parental supervision. Why do parents think it's ok for their kids to be completely unsupervised in a public place, especially when their kids are rude and constantly take things away from other children just because they want to? I mean really, our kids are definitely not the best kids ever, but they do have manners and they know how to take turns. So clearly this is not a hard concept to teach your kids. And if I ever caught my kids acting like some other kids there, people would be calling DCF on me for spanking my kids. Anyway, our experience wasn't too terrible yesterday and the kids thought it was the coolest place ever.

Sean also had a good time "teaching" Nathan how to play whack-a-mole.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there! We had a pretty fun day yesterday. The kids and I got Sean a new golf bag that is very light weight and has a stand, since he's been playing on Tuesdays and usually walks the course. He was very excited. Then we went to Grant's Farm. While riding the tram we saw more animals than I've ever seen at Grant's Farm. Almost all the animals were close enough to get a good look at them.

Once we got off the tram Emma fed the goats.

and then we saw this huge turtle,

and a duck,

and then we got our picture taken by the Anheuser-Busch beer wagon.

Cheers to you dad!

Monday, June 11, 2007

a wanna be

Today I went to the fabric store to get a pattern and some fabric for something I'm going to attempt to make, and I realized I wish I were talented enough to make some of the really cute things they have in those catalogs. I often think that I somehow missed out on the domestic gene that my mother clearly has. She can cook and bake better than a lot of people, plus she can sew. I don't just mean mend a pair of pants, but she used to make dance costumes for me when I was a kid. I see so many cute things and think, "hey it comes with a pattern, I could do that." Then reality sets in and I know I'm better off just buying whatever I want, because the amount of money I would spend on the pattern and numerous attempts at actually making it would be much more than just buying the dang thing in the first place. I'm beginning to wonder if sewing well is something people can actually learn to do, or if it's just one of those talents you are born with, like being an artist. I'm definitely leaning toward the latter.

back to the zoo

We are zoo crazy lately, and we'll be going again in a week. We joined the membership thing they have that allows us to park for free and we also get discounts on stuff, and free train rides and all kinds of other fun stuff, so we go a lot. Anyway, here are a couple of cool pictures.

Then we went to Lone Elk park, which is a park that has deer and elk and bison just roaming around and you can drive through and sometimes see the animals up close. This time right as we entered the park there was an elk about 20 feet from the van.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathan

Nathan had his third birthday on Sunday. Time is going by way too fast. Here are some pictures from the past 3 years of our litle boy!
When he was born

His first birthday

His second birthday

This year

Memorial Day weekend

We took the kids to the park on Sunday of memorial weekend. They are becoming quite the little monkeys climbing all over everything. At least they haven't started climbing onto things too much at home yet.