Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...and then...

(this is really long, so feel free to skip it)
Wow! What a crazy 2 1/2 weeks it's been. Back on March 28th I thought I was going to my friend's house for a purse party, but boy was I surprised it turned out to be a baby shower for me. I'm so lucky to have such fabulously sweet family and friends that wanted to do something special for me and baby #5. Sadly I'm still working on my thank you cards. Sorry it has taken me so long, but I promise I am working on them. :)
That was also the day Emma came down sick with some sort of stomach virus. So we all spent the next week trying to avoid everyone else getting it, and trying to get Emma better. She would get better, and then get sick again, and constantly complained of a stomach ache. Sean finally took her to the doctor on Good Friday, but they couldn't find much wrong with her. The doctor gave us some samples of prevacid in case it's a reflux problem. We ran out of those a while ago though, and no more "my tummy hurts" complaints so far, so hopefully we are past all of that.
By Easter everyone was feeling better, and the weather was beautiful, so we got some work done outside that weekend.
While all that was going on, my car was in the shop getting some hail damage repaired. The original estimate was that it would take 2 days, but each time I talked to the manager about it, I would get a different answer, and of course the deadline kept getting extended. So, we broke down and rented a minivan because not having a vehicle we could all fit in while the kids were on spring break from school was just not going to work. After a couple of nasty phone calls from me, and getting offered a discount because of the extra inconvenience and rental cost, we finally got my car back on the Tuesday after Easter.
After picking up my car, we got a phone call from school that they thought Nathan had pink eye, and we had to come get him. Thankfully Sean did that since I had the two little kids. Of course, he did not have pink eye, it was just his allergies acting up. The poor kid even tried to tell the nurse that he just has bad allergies, but they still made us come get him. By the time Sean got there, his eyes were almost completely back to normal, but Sean brought him home anyway.
Wednesday afternoon I got another call from the nurse, but this time it was about Emma. She had gotten hurt on the playground, and the nurse felt Emma needed to get checked out by a doctor and might need stitches. That happened at nap time, and I still didn't have the car seats installed in my car, and I was feeling sick all day that day, so this was horrible timing. I packed everyone up, installed the car seats, said a prayer I would feel ok while we were out, and picked up Emma and Nathan from school. It was late in the day and I knew I wouldn't be back home from the ER in time to get Nathan of the bus, so he had to come with us. We ended up at the Urgent Care near us, and Emma got two stitches in her lip out of the deal.
That Saturday (April 10) we had maternity/family pictures, so now we have pics of Emma's fat stitched up lip. lol! I haven't gotten any proofs from the photographer, but I will be sure to share some when I get them. I really love my photographer, which is good since she'll be there for the birth of this baby.
Because of the weather being nice, we've spent a lot of time outside, which means Nathan has had some serious allergy problems. Saturday night his eyes were almost swollen shut, and he was miserable for 3 days. I kept him home from school Monday because he was still swollen and miserable. Tuesday morning Emma got her stitches out at the doctor, and Nathan had an appointment so we could help him feel better. The doctor gave us a prescription for some steroids and eye drops, and so hopefully the combo of those and his regular allergy meds he won't be so miserable anymore. And I just have to say, I hope those eye drops are magic ones, because they cost me $70, and that's with insurance!
I'm hoping things will slow down a bit just because I feel like I've been going in a million different directions in the past two weeks, but at the same time I like that I've been busy, because the end of this pregnancy is going by quickly. I still have 7 weeks left, but would love to have this baby a little early since I'm already feeling ginormous and uncomfortable.