Friday, June 22, 2007

5 months old

Tims is passing so quickly now. Megan is 5 months old and is changing every day. Her bottom two teeth are in and I can tell there are more on the way with all thr drool that comes out of her mouth daily. She is also so close to crawling already. Yes, I said crawling! She already pushes up on her hands and knees, and sometimes her feet. She keeps pushing herself backwards though. She threw herself forward the other day in an effort to get Nathan, but other than that she scoots backward all the time, and she is fast! I keep thinking back to when Emma and Nathan were babies, and I'm amazed at how far ahead Megan is in comparison. I think it is mostly becaue she wants to keep up with Emma and Nathan, but it's fun watching her learn something new everyday. She is also very into her toys now, and will entertain herself for 15 minutes or more depending on her mood. It's so exciting watching her grow, but I'm going to miss these days as she gets bigger.
She also has gotten her very first cold. She is very uncomfortable, but not overly fussy. She really hates it when we suck out her nose, but that is better than her having trouble breathing when she eats because she is so stuffed up.
We have yet to start her on cereal or any other solids. I know a lot of parents start them out at 4 months, but neither Emma or Nathan were ready at 4 months, so we just waited with Megan too. Maybe we'll give it a try soon, but I don't really think she's missing out on anything. Stay tuned for pictures. I haven't taken any in the last couple of days, but I'm sure I'll get some this weekend.

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