Monday, June 11, 2007

a wanna be

Today I went to the fabric store to get a pattern and some fabric for something I'm going to attempt to make, and I realized I wish I were talented enough to make some of the really cute things they have in those catalogs. I often think that I somehow missed out on the domestic gene that my mother clearly has. She can cook and bake better than a lot of people, plus she can sew. I don't just mean mend a pair of pants, but she used to make dance costumes for me when I was a kid. I see so many cute things and think, "hey it comes with a pattern, I could do that." Then reality sets in and I know I'm better off just buying whatever I want, because the amount of money I would spend on the pattern and numerous attempts at actually making it would be much more than just buying the dang thing in the first place. I'm beginning to wonder if sewing well is something people can actually learn to do, or if it's just one of those talents you are born with, like being an artist. I'm definitely leaning toward the latter.

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