Monday, October 6, 2008

registered to vote?

Funny thing, we were outside letting the kids play tonight and Sean and I were talking with the other parents on our street. Two young people came by and asked where Emma was. I said in our house, why? Then they asked if she would like to register to vote. WHAT? I said, "No, she's 5." They looked dumbfounded as to how a 5 year old ended up on their list. I kept asking them questions about how they got the list or where the information for their list came from. They had no real answers, so now I'm a little concerned. I mean how does the Obama campaign get a list of people in the area not yet registered to vote, and then to top that off, how does my 5 year old daughter end up on that list?
Also just a reminder for all your Missourians; October 8th is the last day to register to vote, so get that taken care of tomorrow so you can vote on November 4th.


  1. I would definitely run a credit report using Emma's name and social security number. For some reason they think she's at least 18, and that's the only reason I can think of. Hopefully it's nothing, and it was just a fluke. Local records of adults, and registered voters are records that are available in each city, not just to political campaigns. For some reason she was on the adult list, but wasn't registered to vote, obviously.

  2. that is what I was thinking about the creidt issue. That's just what I need now, Emma to have credit issues!

  3. That's a scary thought! I hope you guys get it figured out.