Friday, October 24, 2008

baby robinson

yeah, I think we're sticking with that. Katie, we have looked everywhere for names. I have a book of 20,001 names, and you'd think there would be something in there, but nothing seems to fit. Either I like it and Sean hates it. Or Sean finds a name he really likes that makes me want to yak! Then there are the names we both like, but don't really fit with the other kids' names. Emma, Nathan, and Megan, are all-American names, as Melissa said, so something slightly different just sounds odd when you say them all together. Melissa, the boy names you suggested are all in use by close family members, except Jacob, which is the most popular boys name right now. I can't remember the girsl names you said, but I think Sean doesn't like most of them. We have both been making a list of names we like seperately, and hopefully some of our names will be the same. I think at this point we're going to have to just pick a name we both like and agree on, even if it doesn't "fit" with the other kids.
On the topic of names, Emma came home from school the other day and said she didn't like her name. When we asked her why she said, "Because it's not a thing. My friend's name is Paige, and her name is a thing, like the page of a book. So I'd like my name better if it were a thing." I told her we'd change her name to Wall. The jury is still out on that one!


  1. Hmmm, I don't know why, but Conner just popped in my head.

    It has to be way more tough for you not knowing what you are having. That would at least cut out 50% of the names to choose from.

  2. Naming a baby is hard. I'm sorry you guys are having trouble trying to find a name. I agree- it would be easier if you knew what you were having. Let me know if you need any more suggestions & I will see what I can come up with =)

  3. I think it took like 20 years to tell my parents I didn't like my name. I don't like my name because I think everyone my age has an Aunt Karen (meaning like 50+). Now that I'm an aunt I don't mind it so much.

    Good luck with the name search!