Sunday, October 5, 2008

just call me Santa

This weekend I got a big jump on Christmas shopping. I took advantage of sales going on and free shipping offers and did most of my shopping from my couch. I still have several things to get, but i'm well on my way, and because I'm an organized dork I have a spreadsheet of what I'm buying for everyone. I'm so happy I am finally making progress in this area. This is one thing I just can't afford to put off any longer.
Another exciting thing this weekend was taking the kids bowling for the first time. They loved it and did surprisingly well. Granted they used the bumpers, but Emma even got a strike in one frame. She was so excited! Of course I'm a bad mom (and blogger) and forgot my camera.

Other news: only 10 weeks to go this pregnancy. We still need to buy the baby a new car seat, but I'm puting it off for whatever reason. We also don't have the crib put together and Megan is still in the nursery. I'm thinking we'll be moving her towards the end of this month so she can get settled in her new room with Emma long before the baby arrives so she doesn't feel like she got kicked out of her room by the baby.

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  1. Good job Santa! I have been working on gifts too. Good idea on the spread sheet! I think I will be creating one soon!