Wednesday, October 15, 2008

31 weeks

Went to the doctor again, it's weird going back so soon. I'm still gaining at a frightening rate, but not much I can do about that. All is well with the baby as far as we know. My blood pressure is still good, 116/74, and things are going just fine. I go back in another two weeks. I hate these every two week check-ups. I feel like they just weigh me, check my bp, and check the babies heart rate. In all honesty, it's not really worth the trip for me. If something were wrong, or seemed off I'd call the doctor, but otherwise I don't see why I can't continue going every 4 weeks until we are right at the end. I know doctors like to be on top of everything with pregnant women, and god forbid if I did develop pre-eclempsia they might catch it in office before I had symptoms, but I feel like going every two weeks is rather silly right now. All well, only 9 more weeks. Let's start making guesses on boy or girl, and I still need name help people, seriously!


  1. 9 more weeks- WOO HOO! You're doing great, hang in there Cheryl!

    And hey I tried to help w/ names! I think the other 3 are all very "All American" so you need a name like that (does that even make sense?).

  2. Wow, my heart rate just went up. I see how close you are and think to myself "only 10 more weeks and I'll be that close". I may need to go eat a bowl of ice cream...

    I'm dreading the 2 week visits too. It takes forever to get to the dr. and seems to take hours out of the day for just a 10 minute visit.

    I am out of names and I'm sure you don't want to use ours. :) Have you looked online or in a book?