Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sean!

Today is Sean's birthday, and I still don't have his present. It's not because I just put it off and ignored the fact that he needed a present. It's mainly because shopping with 4 kids is nearly impossible, especially when two of them insist on acting like complete lunatics in every store we enter. So then I found another present idea, but that fell through because the item is overpriced and they didn't want to come down at all. So here I sit at 2:11 in the afternoon on my husbands birthday with nothing to give him. I feel awful, but what's a girl to do?
Thankfully Sean and I are not big on presents. Granted we like them, but everything is not riding on making sure we have the perfect gift for each other for every occasion. Hopefully things will work out and I can get Sean the gift I really want for him that I know he'll love. I often feel like Sean sacrifices what he wants for things we need or want as a family. I really want him to know I appreciate all he does for us and that he deserves to have things just for him, even if he doesn't need it. Everyone cross your fingers everything works out!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sean!

    Cheryl- I'm sure whatever you do for him he will love!