Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cleaning and disorganizing

I'm doing it. I think I'm hiring someone to help clean the house. It's not that I can't do it, or make time for, but well I can't. I feel like in order to keep up with the housework I neglect time for me and the kids, which I'm tired of doing. I know it sounds horrible that as a stay at home mom I can't find time to keep everything in my house clean, but I'm owning up to my failure and finding a solution for it. I know lots of other moms do it all, and do it all well, but I'm obviously not one of those moms. Maybe they don't spend their time keeping a blog and chatting with online friends, but you wouldn't want me to give up doing those things, would you?

Today is proof positive that I'm trying to cram too much into my life. Nathan had his valentines party at school today at 2:00. So I dropped him off at 12:30 as usual, ran a couple errands, then realized I was running behind and still needed to get the item I signed up to bring for said party and be at his school by 2:00. I pulled into the store parking lot at 1:50, and the store is not next door to Nathatn's school. So I get to his party at 2:05, run inside and drop off the items, make Nathan a plate of snacks, then go back out to my car to nurse Jackson because he's screaming since it's time to eat. After feeding and changing Jackson I plop him back into his seat, and then get Megan and Jackson out of the car and go into Nathan's school for the rest of his party. Keep in mind all that is going on while it's pouring down rain, so by this point I look like a rag even though I did actually fix my hair this morning. Once Nathan's party is over we all get back in the car and head home so I can be here when Emma get's off the bus. Once home Megan and Jackson have to go down for a nap, even though it's just after 3 and ridiculously late for a nap. Then Emma gets home and the older two want a snack. As I'm unpacking Emma's backpack I find a note reminding me that her six flags reading list is due by Tuesday. Ok no problem I'll go get it...or not. Guess what horrible mother can't find her daughters 600 minute reading list for a free six flags ticket. Oh, that's right, it's me! So now I have to dig through the recycling container tonight praying it got mixed up with those papers on one of my recent cleaning binges. Plus I'm supposed to go to the gym tonight. Yeah, like I have the engery for that!
Days like today make me want a cleaning person and a nanny so I can take a nap!


  1. Cheryl, there is nothing wrong with needing help! I sure need help. With working full time- I am out of the house almost 12 hours a day!!! I see Genevieve only 2 hours at night- IF she doesn't go down early. Then by the time she is in bed...I am ready for bed too. I have NO time or energy to clean either.

    Take time to spend with the kids... even if you don't hire someone, your house will be ok!

  2. I know what you mean. I can hardly keep up after Juan. What am I going to do when we have a baby too??

    I would love to hear what you have to say about induction if you can find the time. I don't know your email address, but mine is juankatie at hotmail.