Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 years old, holy crap!

Emma is 6 today! I can't begin to describe how difficult is for me to believe that. I remember her being born like it was yesterday. She is growing up so fast so I'm trying to enjoy each phase of her life, even though it's not always pleasant. It's amazing watching her learn to read and write now. She is soaking up everything like a sponge and amazes me with the things she is learning. I think she's actually paying attention in school. lol!
Here is our sweet Emma from the past 6 years
Just minutes old

First Birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

Fourth Birthday

Fifth Birthday

And Now Birthday number 6!


  1. What a big girl she is now!

    Happy Birthday Emma!!!

  2. Awww, time surely does fly! I went to a b-day party for a 5-year-old today, who I was in the hospital when she was born. I can't believe she is already turning 5 - just like you can't believe Emma is turning 6!! :(

    Happy Birthday Emma!!!

  3. her shirt says it best - she is lovely!! so cute! happy 6th birthday emma!!