Sunday, June 1, 2008

Laura's rehearsal

Thursday was the rehearsal for Laura's wedding. Everything went really well and the kids all did such a good job. They were so cute! At the rehearsal dinner Laura gave the kids their presents, and she did such an awesome job. She got Emma a purse with her name on it and inside was a book about being a flower girl, a box with her wedding jewelry in it, and a little pink bag with some lip gloss and nail polish. Emma did not put her purse down all weekend. She LOVES it!
Nathan's present was the book, "10 cool things about being a ring bearer" and a shark tent. It is a tent for kids in the shape of a shark. I had to put it up right away Friday morning, and the kids have played in it constantly since.
She also got all of us bridesmaids black bags with our names on them, and they were full of very useful items. The best things were our necklaces and earrings for the wedding, and yellow fliip-flops for us to wear once the ceremony was over. My feet were so thankful for that gift! What a great friend Laura is.

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