Monday, December 8, 2008

trip to the hospital

I wish this post was me telling you I had to go to the hospital because we thought I was in labor, but it's not. Last night Sean had to take Megan to the ER because she couldn't breathe. Emma had croup almost 2 weeks ago, and yesterday Megan came down with it. She was hoarse, but didn't really seem too bad, so I thought I'd wait it out until this morning and call the dr. to get a prescription for Megan since I knew she had what Emma had. But, once we went to bed she seemed to be fighting for air. We got her out of bed and tried to keep her upright, but she just wanted to lay down and sleep. So then we tried the steam in the bathroom trick, but that didn't work either. Finally at 2am we decided enough was enough and it would be best to take her to the ER. Sean decided he'd take her since I'm 9 months pregnant and miserable. Thank goodness because they didn't get home until just before 8am today. The ER wasn't too busy, but they gave Megan a breathing treatment and wanted her to stay for a while so they could monitor her. The doctor made it sound like we made the right decision to bring her to the hospital because her oxygen levels were dropping when she first arrived. I'm not glad she was that sick, but I am glad we were not the overreacting parents and we made the right call. Sean and Megan have spent the day in bed trying to cath up on sleep. Hopefully Megan will feel better soon.
I go to the doctor tonight, so check back later or tomorrow for an update on me and the baby.


  1. oh poor baby! I hope she feels better soon. We are still battling croup here too. Joe is better but Kylie is still coughing etc, though not as bad. It is amazing that they both can have the same thing but it affected them both very differently.

  2. Oh no, how scary! I'm glad they were able to help her!

  3. How nice of Sean! I bet you are ready to head to the hospital...and I did think that's what you were posting about. ;)