Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tooth fairy

What does the tooth fairy look like to you? I really hadn't thought much about it since I've known the truth for a while now, but it's amazing how kids can make you see things through their eyes sometimes.
Emma lost her other very loose tooth at school yesterday. I guess the peer pressure of leaving it for the tooth fairy was too much, and she finally decided she wanted to leave her tooth out so she could get money for it. Emma's teacher gave her a cute little tooth shaped box on a necklace to kep her tooth in until she got home. Emma decided to leave the tooth in there and put it on her nightstand so the tooth fairy could come and get it. She was worried though, because she was convinced the tooth fairy would not be able to open this box and the tooth fairy would have to just take the whole thing. I asked Emma why she though the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to get it open, and Emma said because the tooth fairy isn't big enough. When asked how big she thought the tooth fairy was, Emma held up her fingers just a couple inches apart and said, "This big, like Tinkerbell." In all my years of believing in the tooth fairy I never made the connection between the tooth fairy being a fairy and tinkerbell being a fairy, and therefore they must be the same size. I love seeing the world the way kids do. It's amazing how their brains work so differently.
Oh, and Emma got $1 for her tooth. Does anyone know what the going rate is these days? When Sean and I were kids we got a quarter most of the time.


  1. That's cute! We only got quarters too.

    I never thought about her size. I think I thought she was adult sized and not fairy sized.

  2. I think $1 is a good price! I remember getting change, too. Plus, as long as it's money she's going to think she's rich :-)

    I totally thought the tooth fairy was a little fairy like Tinkerbell. Although, I don't think I ever thought about how she could pick up the tooth if she's that small.

  3. She's a lucky girl to get a dollar! I got about the same as you and was super excited when I got a $.50 piece.

    I also just got goosebumps thinking about how you only have a week left!!