Monday, December 1, 2008

38 weeks.

Dr. appointment update for the week: 3cm dilated, and 60% effaced (I was only 20% last week), and the baby has definitely dropped lower. I also lost 2 pounds! Don't ask me how since all I did was eat all weekend, but that is definitely another sign the end is near. I always lose a pound or two at the end of my pregnancies. Everything is going well, and both the baby and I seem to be perfectly healthy. I go back in a week, and my dr. said once I'm 39 weeks he'll induce me if I want to. Honestly, even though I'm tired and huge and uncomfortable, I don't like the idea of being induced just because I'm huge, tired and uncomfortable. Those things are just part of being 9 months pregnant, and I don't think you should induce labor early just because. I was induced with both Emma and Nathan, but Emma was 2 weeks late, and with Nathan I had horrible swelling, so to me, those circumstances are reasons that make induction a good idea. Plus being induced makes it more likely I'll want pain meds, which I'm hoping to avoid this time. There its out there, and I know you'll all be checking in to see how I did with that goal once the baby arrives.
Anyway, other note-worthy events in the last week are that Emma got another tooth knocked out, and another one seems like it will fall out at any minute. She and Nathan were wrestling around and she fell on her face in the kitchen. I am shocked at how many teeth this kid is losing before the other one's have time to grow back, but I guess every kid is different in this area. Emma also amazed me tonight by reading a book. She needed help with some of the words, and it was a beginning reading book, but she did a great job. It's amazing watching your child read for the first time.


  1. Wow! Great progress! I can't wait for you guys to bring home another one. Good luck with that pain med free delivery - I don't know if I'll ever brave that one :-)

    Yay for Emma!!! I can't believe how big she is getting!

  2. It's getting so close! We can't wait! =)