Monday, December 8, 2008

39 weeks.

39 week update: "I can't believe you're still pregnant!" That's what my doctor had to say. I told him I completely agree. I am dilated to 4cm now, and he said he's surprised that at 4cm I'm not in labor, and my water hasn't broken yet. I reminded him I was 4cm at my last appointment before my water broke with Megan, and he said not to be surprised if that happened again, or if labor started soon. He offered to induce me when I'm ready, but I said for now we'd wait. He said he's not in any hurry and he's not trying to push me into a decision, and I believe him. He's just not the kind of doctor that would push me into induction unless it was medically neccessary. I told him my only time concern is that I want to have had the baby and be home by Christmas Eve. He said he doesn't like to let patients go more than 1 week past their due date, so we should definitely make that goal. He also said if I change my mind and want to be induced I just need to call him. Since the hospital we are delivering at is small it will be easy for me to go in at pretty much anytime to be induced.
I also lost another pound and my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal. It was only 122/72, but that is high for me since my non-pregnant norm is much lower. My doctor didn't seem concerned about it since everything else was still completely normal. When I was leaving and making my appointment for next week I told the receptionist I hoped I wouldn't see her. She and the nurse agreed they didn't want to see me either unti my 4 weeks check-up. Hopefully we'll all get our wish!


  1. OMG! How will be any day now. Make sure you call or text me! I don't care what time it is! I am usually up at 3 am pumping =)

    If you need anything just let us know.

  2. Crazy!! It would be so hard for me to not induce. This way, you can kind of pick your baby's birthday, right? I'm sure there are much more medical reasons you are not doing this...I still have a lot to learn. :)