Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We're pregnant again! I know some of you are thinking to yourselves, "What are you nuts?"; and the answer is, yes we are. This baby is due December 16th, so our family will be getting an early Christmas present this year. We are both really excited. Sean of course is hoping for another boy just to even things out in the house, but I just want a healthy baby.

Here is a quick recap of our journey so far.
I had my first appointment on Tuesday April 15th, when I should have been just over 5 weeks pregnant. Dr. P did an ultrasound and said I wasn't measuring as far along as he thought I'd be based on dates. Since I was only a couple days behind he told me to come back in 3 weeks when the baby would be bigger and he could get an accurate measurment. He also gave me all the orders for standard blood tests and a ton of pregnancy magazines and prenatal vitamin samples. Since I was still nursing Megan I didn't need any new vitamins and even though I had Emma 5 years ago, all the magazines seem to give the same general advice.
The next week I started feeling awful. I am nauseous all day long, and completely exhausted no matter how much I sleep. The only thing I like about having these crappy symptoms is that symptoms like these are usually a sign of a halthy pregnancy. I know that sounds crazy, but even my doctor said that me feeling sick was a good sign.
Here is my first ultrasound picture at just barely 5 weeks pregnant:

I had my second appointment Tuesday May 6th, and that ultrasound showed the baby measuring 8 weeks exactly, which is where we thought I would be, giving me a due date of December 16th. That is still a couple days behind where the dates say I should be, but everything seems to be progressing normally, so I'm not too concerned right now. Dr. P asked me to come back in another 2-3 weeks for one more ultrasound just to double check one more time. He seems more cautious than normal this time, which does make me nervous, because he is normally so laid back, but I know if there was anything wrong he would definitely tell me. He is one of those "no news is good news" types and I like that. I know that would probably drive most people nuts, but with this kind of stuff, it works for me.
Here is my second ultrasound picture at 8 weeks pregnant:

I had my third appointment Monday May 19th, and had another ultrasound. This time the picture actually looks like a baby and not just a blob on the screen. I know it's horrible to call my child a blob, but that is really all it looks like. Now you can easily distinguish a head, and a body with arms and legs attached. We also saw the heartbeat again and Dr. P said everything looks great. He said I didn't need to come back for another 4 weeks, but he'll be on vacation that week, so I'll be going back for another appointment in 3 weeks. He also set my official due date as December 15th. I guess it's official because it's the date he finally put on my chart.
Here is the third ultrasound picture at 10 weeks:


  1. Holy Moly!!


  2. I have really been expecting this announcement. I am not sure why, but I just had a feeling you would be annoucing this sometime this year. Congrats and I am glad the baby is growing good. If you need any help during the day with the kids, just give me a email and Chloe and I will come entertain them so you can rest.

  3. Melissa and NickMay 20, 2008 at 4:46 PM

    YEAH!!!! Congratulations again Cheryl and Sean!!!!!

    So thats why you were at the hospital while I was in labor! hehe

  4. Congrats, Cheryl! So exciting, even if you are crazy:)