Wednesday, May 21, 2008

16 months old

Megan is 16 months old today. She is definitely a toddler now who throws a fit at least once a day and can be incredibly stubborn if she doesn't get what she wants. The problem is she is still not using many words, so communication is a major issue for us, and probably the leading cause of most of the fits around here. She loves to play with Emma and Nathan and chase them around. Her latest trick is climbing the stairs, which she loves to do when our backs are turned. Yes, we are bad parents and we don't have gates blocking off all our stairs. Please don't call dcf on us, Megan rarely makes it up more than two steps without one of us, and she is never allowed anywhere near the tops of the steps without us. I wish I had more pictures to shre, but we've been crazy busy and just don't have a ton of recent ones.

Megan's first 4-wheeler ride. She loved it!

"What? I don't have anything in my mouth!"

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