Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad blogger

So I'm a bad blogger. Since my last post things have been busy, and they are just going to keep getting crazier as summer gets here.
April 25 & 26 was my friend Laura's bachelorette party. We had a lot of fun, and I wish I had some pictures, but I don't. Anyway, friday night we had a girls night at Lauren's, the maid of honor, apartment. Then Saturday we went to the noon cardinal game. That was a lot of fun, but pretty chilly because we were in the shade and at the very top and it was windy. Then Saturday night we went to dinner at Pietro's and rented a limo bus to go out to some bars. Because I'm old and lame, I only went to dinner and did not go out on the bus after until 3am, but I heard everyone had a great time, especially Laura.
We spent the next week and weekend trying to get the doors put up in our basement. This project is still not finished though. Partly because we are having to paint and cut down all the doors and door jambs, and partly because we have just been lasy and not forced ourselves to do it.
Then May 7 we headed to Cloud 9 for our first camping trip of the season. Sean's dad was down there as well and we all had a great time just relaxing and riding 4-wheelers all weekend. The weather actually turned out great and we only got rain at night and Saturday afternoon. Thank goodnees because I was not looking forward to being trapped in our camper with all the kids all weekend because of rain. I do have some pictures from the weekend as well as some pictures of the inside of the camper, I just haven't uplaoded them yet. Maybe I'll get to that today.
We came home Sunday evening and now I'm trying to get caught up on laundry and get our house put back together. It is a huge mess right now, and will probably remain that way for most of the summer since we have lots of trips already planned, and I'm sure we'll add some more.
Emma and Nathan will be finished with school next week. I'm a little sad about it since that means Emma is officially ready for kindergarten once she graduates from preschool. They are having a graduation ceremony for her class, and we bought her cap and gown and she looks so darn cute in it. We have already finished all Emma's registration stuff for school, and Emma passed all her screening tests just fine. They test for gross motor skills, and tested her hearing and vision, and then they also asked some logic type questions. My favorite answer from Emma was when the counselor asked, "If you walk into a room and it's dark, what should you do?" Obviuosly, they are looking for, "Turn on the light." But Emma's answer was, "Run back out!" For those of you that don't know, Emma is deathly afraid of the dark and Sean and I thought that answer was just hysterical. Another funny answer was when they asked Emma, "If you break something, what do you do?" Again, the obvious answer is "Fix it," but Emma said, "Say you're sorry." I told her that was a good answer because you should say sorry if you break something.
So that's why I haven't posted anything, and it's likely the posts will be scarce for a while. Although hopefully will all our travelling and vacationing I'll have a lot more pictures to post in the future.

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