Sunday, May 25, 2008

crazy busy

This past week was really crazy with something going on every night, and this next week will be more of the same. Last week I was lucky enough to be part of the gorgeous and amazing wedding day of Kelly and Mike. You can find pictures of the rehearsal and the wedding day here.
This coming week I have all the events for my friend Laura's wedding. I am so excited that her big day is finally here, and hopefully my wonderful husband will get some good pictures I can share with you all next week.
Thankfully this weekend we haven't done much, but I'm still exhausted. I swear it's unbelievable how some days I feel great, and other days just walking up the stairs wipes me out. I'm so glad the first trimester is almost over and I "shouldn't" be as tired all the time. I'm sure it would help if I could sleep decently, but I figure I've got a good year, at least, before I get a good nights sleep again.

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