Tuesday, May 20, 2008

getting fat!

So I didn't really think I was getting any bigger yet. All my regular clothes still fit. It's not like I can get them on, but only if I'm laying down and not breathing. I still wear everything confortably. I guess part of the reason is my jeans were a little on the loose side, though they aren't tight yet, and I wear a lot of workout type pants with elastic waists. Anyway, I decided to try on my dress for Laura's wedding tonight just to be sure it still fit alright. Umm.... yeah, so I need it let out now. Crap! It is just fitted enough in the waist area that when I'm comfortable (not sucking it in), it get's that wrinkly look. It's not like I'm busting out of it, but you can tell it's tighter than it should be. Thankfully the dress has some awesome seams (yay for After Six designers), and hopefully can be let out enough for me. If not another bridesmaid had to order a little extra material and she should have plenty left over if I need it. The good news is I actually look kind of cute pregnant in the dress and not just like I've been eating too much pizza and ice cream, which I have been guilty of lately!

PS. I changed my look again, so all you google reader users come check it out!

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  1. #1--CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sorry I meant to comment yesterday but I'm so excited for you you little baby factory!!!

    #2--You're NOT FAT you're pregnant, at least you have an excuse ! :)

    #3--Its "bump day" at baskins robbins and I think you should def. go get some free ice cream!!!