Sunday, January 7, 2007

more excitement

I had some minor bleeding last night. After a screw up with my dr.'s after hours line, my doc called me back and said we should probably go to the hospital to get checked out. This was at 10:30. Luckily the kids were still up, we're such bad parents, so we threw them in the car and headed to the hospital. We got there and I put on the hopistal gown and they hooked me up to all the monitors. Meanwhile, Sean and the kids went and filled out the registration paperwork and then sat in the waiting room until the dr. had checked me and determined everything was fine. He did say I was dilated to 1cm, yippeee! They said it was likely bloody show and nothing to be concerned about. They also said to take it easy, but I'm not really limited on my activity either.
The kids thought it was great fun because there was a baby in the nursery for them to check out and a tv in the waiting room. Then as we were leaving the ARCH helicopter was there and the kids were quite fascinated by that.
We are still just waiting, which is all we can do right now. The dr. said I could go into labor tomorrow or it could still be a couple of weeks. I love how direct they are!

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