Thursday, January 18, 2007

back to the hospital

Yesterday I started feeling pretty crappy all over. I had severe body aches and the chills like you wouldn't believe. I didn't think much of it until I remembered that running a fever this late in pregnancy could be a sign of infection in or around the uterus, which is not good for the baby. So I took my temp, which was 100.2 and called my dr., again. He said I was probably just coming down with something, but we would probably be better off to go to the hospital and make sure there was no infection. My mom came over to stay with the kids because we had no idea how long we'd be at the hospital.
After getting checked in and peeing in a cup, which I'm really getting good at now, they determined I was severely dehydrated and also had low blood sugar because my liver was producing keytones, which is what your body makes when there is no sugar to burn for energy. So I got an IV and they ran a bunch of tests on both me and the baby. Everything came back normal and the baby was doing fine, jumping around in there as usual. They sent me home and said I probably just have some kind of virus. So today I feel awful and I'm just hoping I can recover from this before going into labor. I was sick with a pretty bad cold when I had Emma and Nathan, and being sick and in labor is not fun.

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