Monday, January 15, 2007

39 weeks

I'm not officially 39 weeks until tomorrow, but I changed my appointment to today since Sean was off work, so this will be this week's update. We had to go to my dr.'s other office, and when they weighed me I had gained more weight than I should have. I'm chalking it up to a different scale so I don't freak out. Everything else was normal and I'm now dilated to 3cm! Yea for more progress! The dr. asked if we had a name for the baby yet, and when I said not for sure, he gave me a very strange look. I asked if it we needed to decide on one and he said, "yeah, I think so." I don't think he's expecting me to be pregnant much longer, little does he know what my body is capable of! haha!
We also talked about the ice storm that hit this past weekend. He said it was pretty bad where he lives, and was shocked when I told him we got almost no ice. Then I asked if he lost power and he said, "yes, we just it back about an hour ago." And then the power went out in the office. It came back on and then went off, and then came back on for good. Kind of weird.
I'm hoping this baby will get here soon. I've dilated more than I ever did with Emma or Nathan before labor, so hopefully my body will do this on it's own.

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