Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I should have stayed in college

I discovered today that being a mom would be a lot easier if I had an engineering degree. While I was still pregnant with Megan I decided to buy a sling. With two other kids and a house to take care of, I knew I would need some help in comfoting the baby, but still being functional. A sling seemed like a really good idea. I got one that has the rings so it is adjustable and it has a long tail that can be used to cover up for nursing in public. Let's just say I should have gone with the other kind, which is one piece of material and requires no adjusting. Getting it on is relatively easy, but then when I put Megan in it nothing seemed right. She looked almost like her head was lower than her feet and was really scrunched up. She cried instantly, so I took her out and headed to the computer to look for some help online. After reading the instructions several times I think I have it figured out, for now at least. I'm worried that the next time I try to use this thing I'll have to start all over and read the instructions for another 20 minutes to get both of us comfortable.

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