Thursday, December 20, 2007

camera bag

My new camera bag got here last night, YAY! It is really cute and everything fits nicely inside. I am pretty sure that if I get one more lens or a flash it will also fit in this bag, but I'm pretty sure that is all I'll get in there. I already have two lenses, am 18-55, and a 75-300, so I probably don't have a need for another lens right now. I can see how a flash would be helpful since I have already taken some pictures that I wish there was more light for.
The other exciting thing from yesterday is that Sean is off work from now until January 2. I am really happy to get to spend the next two weeks with him, but not nearly as excited as Emma and Nathan. To them I may as well not exist if dad is around, which isn't all bad since it gives me a nice break. Sean hates that he doesn't get to just relax the whole time, but he loves spending time with the kids too, so it all works out.
I am hoping to get Nathan's room painted in the next couple of days. I painted our bedroom last weekend and I'll put pictures of that and Nathan's room when it gets finished.

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