Monday, November 2, 2009

another year has passed

As the anniversary of my dad's passing approaches I find myself struggling to say anything new about how I'm feeling.
This post from last year pretty much still sums it all up. I wish I had something nicer or happier to say this year, but it's all still the same for me.
But instead of focusing on all the sadness, I thought it would be fun to post some things about my dad so you could know him better.

~He loved trout fishing, and was trying to teach me how to fly fish, despite me actually catching him one time.

~He coached our soccer team when we were little even though he knew nothing about the game before then. He was volunteered for the job, so he got a book about it and actually wasn't a bad coach.

~He also coached the girls basketball team for our school, and he was much better at that.

~In high school he played every sport he could, and excelled at all of them.

~Despite being an office guy, he loved to work on things around the house both inside and out, and did really good work in all his projects.

~When he was younger, he had the most awesome sideburns ever. These things seriously needed their own zip code. He was quite the stud back then I guess. lol!

~Most importantly he loved his family and spending time with them, including the extended family, not just my mom, brother, and I.

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  1. And you know he would be so proud of you!!! (I totally feel what you wrote last year)