Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I have a major love hate relationship with Christmas shopping. I love to do it for my immediate family because I generally know what to get them, and what they'll like, and what will make them happy. Then there is everyone else, and shopping for them makes me crazy. My mom and Sean's parents are so hard to shop for. We don't get any ideas of things they would like, so it's just a big guessing game. My mom always says, "Don't get me anything. I don't need anything." But yeah right, like we're not going to get her a Christmas present. Thanks for the help mom!
We also have my nephews to buy for, but they are like my kids in that they don't need anymore toys AT ALL! But clothes are lame christmas presents, so I feel very stuck. How does everyone else decide on Christmas gifts for those that are hard to buy for?


  1. My family is very easy to buy forbut Dave's side is another story. I generally let him suggest what we get them, then we discuss and compromise (the compromise generally being the amoutn spent - he wants to spend more that I think they deserve). But mostly his side gets a family picture and GC to some place.

  2. we make donations in their names to nurses for newborns, st. judes etc. we also make a calendar from walgreens with the kids pics on them.