Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy crap

There is no easy way to say this, so I'll just come out with it; I'm pregnant again!
Before you start throwing things at me let me just answer your questions.
1) no this was not planned
2) yes we know what causes this (we are obviously just really good at it, lol!)
3) no we won't be finding out the sex
4) Jackson will be 18 months old when this baby is born
5) I am tentatively due May 30, 2010
6) This is our last baby as Sean plans to get the "procedure" done
and lastly
7) NO we are not crazy, although we may be by the time all the kids move out. :)

We just found out 2 days ago, and the shock is wearing off, and the realization that we are going to need yet another crib and we'll have to figure out how to squish everyone in the car, and where to put 5 kids in our house is all setting in. I'm really not that worried though, we'll make it work somehow.
Today I also woke up with a raging case of morning sickness. No puking yet, but definitely crappy feeling. I'm hoping every day won't be like this or it's going to be a long 9 months. I still haven't called the doctor. I'm definitely going to hear an I told you so from him. I love my ob, he's so nice and fun, but he told me when I went in to get my IUD removed months ago that if he took it out I'd end up back in there pregnant again. He tried adjusting the IUD so I didn't have as many bad symptoms, but then a few days later it pretty much just fell out, so I never bothered calling or going back in. I hated that thing, and can't remember to take a pill everyday, so I didn't see a need to call him to let him know it came out.

I will update everyone once I go in for my appointment and let you know if my due date changes and if everything looks good with baby #5.

I took this idea from Julia and wrote some posts as we went along and saved them to share later. Hope you don't mind Julia!


  1. Nobody should throw things at you! Your family is your business -- and your bedroom is DEFINITELY your business, and yours alone. And your kids have an awesome family. Your new baby will be blessed to be a part of it.

  2. Oh wow, how exciting!!!! Congratulations! Fitting kids in a car is definitely something to think about. I never thought about it before. What kind of car do you have? I'm so excited for you!!