Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Murphy's law pretty much describes my life all the time. I feel like if something can be screwed up it will happen. Now these bad things are not so terrible that they can't be dealt with, but it seems as though nothing goes as planned, ever. We are leaving tomorrow night to drive 6 hours to Iowa to pick up our new camper, and then Friday driving almost 8 hours from Iowa to southern missouri to drop it off for storage for the winter. We were supposed to get this done last weekend, but because of some paperwork screw up we had to push things back a week. This meant that instead of Sean's dad taking Sean to Iowa and using his truck we had to find a new mode of transportation (thanks James!) and the whole family is going. That wouldn't be such a big deal, except that Nathan woke up puking today. He's only gotten sick 3 times, so I'm hoping it's just because of his cold and we aren't in for a major family stomach flu in the midst of all the traveling, but who knows. Worse case scenario Sean has to drive by himself to Iowa and then deliver the camper by himself and I'll drive down to meet him Saturday if everyone is well.
In other news I am waaaaaaay behind this year on all things Christmas. Well Sean and I did get started on the outside lights since it was so nice this past weekend, and I put the tree up, but I have ZERO Christmas shopping done, and have not even started on my Christmas cards. Last year by now I was done with the cards and had a significant portion of shopping finished. I guess the 3rd kid totally did me in! I am hoping that while Sean is home for 4 days over Thanksgiving I'll get some work done, both in terms of Christmas preparations and stuff on the house.
I've decided that the redecorations of our room is going to have to wait. Sean really wants to get started on the basement, and he wants to go back to school for his masters, so it just doesn't make sense financially to get new furniture for our room right now when ours is ok. I am planning to paint it soon, as I am tired of looking at the tan walls, but it looks as though that is the only imporvement I'm going to get now. I'm definitely planning to paint Nathan's room, and since his bedroom is only 12x12 that should be a one day project.
In my head I have all these great ideas of things I'd like to achieve, but with 3 kids I can only squeeze so much into a day.

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