Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We made it

Nathan got better by Wednesday afternoon, and no one else got sick, so we made our trip successfully. The kids were aweseome. By my calculations we were in the car for 16 hours between Thursday night at 6:00pm and lat Friday night/early Saturday morning at about 1am. Even Megan did great and didn't cry much. Friday's drive was long and stressful. Sean did great pulling the camper. That thing is huge and we were on a two lane road pretty much the whole way from Iowa to almost the Missouri-Arkansas border. Arriving at 1am and trying to park and hook up the camper for the first time in the dark was not a great experience, but we were successful. It was a gorgeous weekend and the kids got to play outside quite a bit. They were mad they couldn't go swimming and just didin't get why the pool was closed. Sean's dad's friend loaned us his mule, which is similar to a John Deere gator, not a 4 leeged animal, to drive around the ranch in for a day. It was chilly, but we bundled everyone up and had a nice ride and saw a ton of deer everywhere in the evening. I do have some pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet, I will add them to the post hopefully soon.

Since we just got back into town last night I have to brave the grocery store tonight so we will actually have food in the house for tomorrow. We aren't having thanksgiving at my moms until Friday, so we are on our own tomorrow. Sean wants me to make a turkey and everything else, and I am very nervous since I've never done it all myself. Friday we will have thanksgiving at my moms, but before that I've been invited to an alumni soccer game at my old high school. I would love to go and see everyone, but I'm afraid I might die if I have to play since I haven't played in years and I've had 3 kids. Thank god I lost all my weight, but that doesn't mean I'm prepared for a 90 minute soccer game. I'll let you know if I survive. :)

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