Friday, August 1, 2008

new baby purchases

We got a new crib for the baby. Yes, we already had 2 cribs because of Emma and Nathan being so close together, but Nathan's crib was part of the major crib recall, so we got a voucher for a new crib. The voucher we were given was for the highest retail price charged for the crib, and then if we bought a more expensive one we would pay the difference. Since Megan is just now in her toddler bed, and I don't know if she'll be ready to go into a twin bed when the baby arrives we decided to use the voucher and get a new crib. It was a little more expensive than the amount we had to spend, but not by much, so we went for it. I know it's early to be buying the crib, but I wanted it done now so it's one less thing I have to think about.
Here is the crib we decided on. It pretty much matches the furniture in Megan's room now.

The other major purchase we'll have to make is an infant car seat because the one form when Emma was a baby expires in December, which makes it pretty much unusable for the new baby. We know we want a graco so it will fit into the strollers we already have, and I want something neutral. It is really hard to find a car seat that doesn't look too gender specific.
These are the ones I like so far:


  1. Cute crib! I LOVE the 1st car seat...that was one of my favs but someone had already bought our system when that one came out.

  2. the 1st car seat is too cute in person!! i have had 2 babies have it at work and i want it too!!