Thursday, August 14, 2008

first day of kindergarten

Today was much better than expected. I did not cry. I came close, but Emma looked up at me with a worried look, so instead I smiled and told her she was going to have so much fun, and I put her on the bus. She was so excited all morning and didn't seem nervous at all, until the bus arrived. As soon as that big yellow bus pulled up and she realized she had to get on it by herself, she got this freaked out look on her face. That was when I just smiled and told her to get on the bus. As soon as she was on the bus she was fine. She sat in a seat on the side we were standing on and waved excitedly with a huge smile on her face as the bus pulled away.

I think it helped all of us that Sean went in to work a little late and he was there to say good-bye as she got on the bus. He also called me around lunchtime to make sure I was ok and I hadn't heard anything from school. Thankfully we didn't get any phone calls today, and Emma was perfectly fine when she got home.

It was such a quiet day in our house. Megan is really too young for Nathan to fight with the way he does with Emma, so things were pretty pleasant here today. Nathan did seem a little lost without Emma this morning until Megan got up. But once she was up he was fine since he had someone to play with. It's amazing how different kids are without their siblings.

Emma was still excited when she got home, but that lasted about 10 minutes and then the fighting with Nathan, and the whining began. I know it's because she was really tired, so I tried to give her a break, but bedtime couldn't come soon enough. I know next week is going to be really hard on Emma after seeing how tired she was today, but she'll adjust and things will get better...right?
and now for the pictures:


  1. Aww, so cute. I'm glad to hear that everything went well for her first day!

    BTW: I love your blog. The colors, the design, everything - Its so pretty!!

  2. thanks for the blog compliment. It took me a while to find a look I liked. I plan on keeping this one for a while.

  3. Aww how cute! Emma is getting SO big! I can't believe she is going to school on a bus!