Thursday, August 28, 2008


It totally works, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'll be taking full advantage of it in order to maintain my sanity. Sean made a deal with Emma that if she rides the bus willingly and without crying every day this week he'll take her to the go-karts this weekend. It's working, and I'm less angry at her every day. I decided to print off a calendar for September to make a sticker chart for Emma, and if she earns enough (not sre how many), she will get a special treat at the end of each month. That seems fair to me, and if it keeps me from going insane I'm all for it. Now if stickers could only make Megan nap well daily...


  1. I am using bribery for potty I am all for it. I am glad you guys found something. I have been wondering how she has been doing.

  2. I'm all for bribery too! And I'm glad its working!

  3. Oh good! I have been thinking about you guys. Hey whatever works, right! I'm glad Emma is going for it!