Thursday, January 10, 2008

nothing to say

Believe it or not I have nothing new to say really. I feel kind of bad that I've been on total blogging hiatus, but it's not like anyone is dying out there from not knowing what's going on with our 3 crazy kids. We finally told the kids about our trip to disney and the ywer really excited, until we told them about Sea World. Emma started freaking out and screaming and crying and saying, "I don't want to go there. I'm scared." This from the kids who begs to go to the zoo when there is snow on the ground and it is 5 degrees outside. I kind of think it was partially due to her being extremely tired that night and since then we've talked about it a little and she is less freaked out. I've also told her that her cousin's Mitchell and Madelyn have been there and they weren't scared at all, so hopefully after hearing how fun it is directly from those two Emma will calm down. Nathan is busy making fun of Emma. He keeps saying, "Emma is really scared, but I'm not." And all day long he will make comments about Sea World just to get a rise out of Emma. It's actually kind of funny that at 3 he already gets it. I'm spending a lot of my time during the day trying to strategize our packing so we don't have 8 bags and 3 kids to lug around the airport.
Finally here are the pictures of Nathan's room. I haven't put his curtain back up because the holes the brackets were in are not very secure anymore, so we need to drill new one's and put drywall anchors in, and honestly I've just been lazy. The other thing I've been lazy about is decorating his room. I bought some scrapbooking stuff to make things for his room, I just haven't done it yet. Here is the set I bought.

and here is his blue room before:

and here is his green room after:

I love the way the green turned out. Sean is ok with it. He waited until after I already had one coat of green finished to tell me he was sad I was painting over Nathan's blue walls. I asked why he didn't tell me before I even bought the paint that he didn't want me to do it, and he said he really doesn't mind and he thinks it looks good, he's just a little sad. Way to make me feel bad Sean! All well, I think it looks good, and it will look even better when I get his frames finished and some other boy decor in there.

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