Monday, January 28, 2008

mmmm.. cake

Megan didn't quite know what to think about her cake. She really didn't care for the icing because it was sticky and messy and she couldn't get it off her fingers. She did enjoy the cake if I gave her bites from a fork. I think she still had a good time making a mess regardless.

"I think I need a bath"

Megan got an elephant from mommy and daddy that she still isn't quite sure about

a little people car that she loves to play with from Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather and Caleb

some books from Grandma that she likes to hear

and here is proof that even if it isn't your birthday and you don't get a present, you can still have a good time!


  1. Classic cake pictures!!! Megan looks like she had a blast with that purple icing!

  2. The cake pictures are priceless!!! haha--I love the Barney Purple icing!