Wednesday, January 16, 2008

and all hell breaks loose

Do you ever have those days that you think, man the kids have been really good lately? You haven't had to really get onto them about a lot and you're feeling like things are finally getting easier, and then, dum dum dum; the damn breaks. Well today is the damn breaking day in our house. I'm not saying the kids have been angels because come on, they are kids, but I haven't felt like they've been awful either. They have been fighting a lot, but I just send them to find something else to do so I don't have to listen to the fighting. But this afternoon after picking Emma up from school it's like they couldn't control themselves. And I wanted to punch them in the face! Ok not really, that's just a family joke we have. Paul, are you reading this? Anyway, it really was like someone flipped a switch on Emma and turned her into her evil twin. Usually when this happens it means they are in desperate need of a nap, so they are in bed now, hopefully sleeping off whatever issues they have today. I'm hoping dinner will be nice once everyone is refreshed. GEEZ!

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