Tuesday, September 4, 2007

useless doctor

So I went to my doctor today and was really excited to get some more medicine to make me better. I dropped of my prescription and went home and had dinner with the fam. Later I went and picked up my meds and then hit the grocery store. We came home and put Megan to bed and I decided to go ahead and take my antibiotic since I only have to take one dose a day, and it would be best to start as soon as possible. I read the insert and it didn't mention any contraindication with breastfeeding, and I had told my doctor that I was still nursing so I assumed it was safe. I decided to check out the info about the medicine online just to be sure, even though I'd already taken a dose, and guess what; it's not considered safe while breastfeeding. That's just great! I just took medicine that could potentially harm my 7 month old. Thanks for being on top of that one doc! I decided to go ahead and check the nasal spray he gave me, and it's not considered safe either. Luckily I hadn't used it yet, but I spent $40 on medicines I can't even use, all because my doctor is either really careless, or ridiculously uninformed. I am really upset that I was prescribed these medicines even though I made sure my doctor understood I was still nursing. He even passed on giving me an oral steroid and prescribed the nasal spray instead because I was nursing. Now I have to call my doctor in the morning and tell him I won't take the meds he gave me. At least tonight I found the antibiotics I can take so tomorrow I will make sure what he wants to give me is safe. Why aren't doctors better informed about medicines and breatfeeding. This is a big deal to me because I am not willing to take anything that will potentially harm Megan to make myself better, especially when there are safe meds out there.

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