Sunday, September 16, 2007

Field Trips

Since both Emma and Nathan are in school now, we went on two field trips this week. They were both to the same place, but Thursday Nathan's class went and then on Friday Emma's class went. I really wanted to go only one day, but I didn't think it was fair to either child to not go with their class so we went both times. Originally I was going to have someone watch the other two kids while I went on the trip with whichever kid and their class, but those plans fell through, so I took all 3 kids two days in a row. Emma and Nathan were thrilled they got to go twice, and they were well behaved, so it all worked out. Our field trip was to the local firehouse. The fire chief was great with the kids, and we got a tour of the firehouse and then the trucks. The kids got to climb on the truck and then they got to spray a fake fire with the hose. Of course they all got hats and badges as well. One of the firemen dressed up in all his gear so the kids could see what they look like when they are working. That kind of freaked Emma and Nathan out, but they didn't throw a fit at all.

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