Wednesday, August 19, 2009


That is probably the best way to describe the mood in our house this morning. Emma did awesome though, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Plus, I didn't cry at all, not one little tear, which was quite impressive. We walked down to the neighbors house this morning and there were four families of kids there, so I think that helped both of us. Nathan was so excited about starting school and he did great getting on the bus. Honestly I wasn't worried about him since he's such a social kid. Neither kid ate much breakfast though because of the excitement/anxiety. I just hope they settle down a little by lunch.
As usual I took my camera out to take the traditional picture, but this year both kids gave me "the look" about it. You know the "come on mom, are you seriously going to take my picture in front of everyone? I'm so embarrassed" look. I told them to pretend to be happy and deal with it. Little do they know if I have my way I'll be taking their picture on the first and last day of school unit they graduate high school (or maybe even college if I can). Anyway on to the pictures:
Last year:

and this year (yes I could only get them to take one picture together)

getting on the bus

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