Saturday, March 21, 2009

single parent

I'm a single parent...for the weekend at least. On the one hand, it's really no big deal since I do it all by myself every day, but it is odd at night time when there is no back-up for anything. Today was a really good day, until I was mopping the kitchen floor and Megan decided to throw a toy phone at Emma's head. I wish I knew why, but honestly it doesn't really matter, and Megan probably just decided to do it and wasn't really provoked in any way. Emma is generally really nice to Megan, and Megan is just mean. That sounds awful, but she really is just generally mean.
So, other than the head injury today was great. I actually have gotten a lot done too. I reorganized both linen closets, and am halfway through my closet. I've also cleaned the bathrooms and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor in there. Not to mention all the laundry I am constantly doing. Of course I still have a ton to do because by the time I get to the end of my list, the beginning things need to be done again. That's one part of being a single parent that really blows!

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