Friday, March 6, 2009

license office adventures

So today I had to go to the license office not once, but twice. I just loooooove the license office. What with their long lines, long wait times, and super strict guidelines, what's not to love? I had to go pay sales tax on Sean's bike and get plates for it. So he went and got it inspected today and then I drove to his office to pick that up and go take care of things. Luckily Nathan was at school then, so I only had three kids, but it was still a pain to drag everyone out of the car to go stand in line for 10 minutes only to discover Sean either had to come do the license himself or I had to take a form to him that he needed to sign and then I could go back to the license office to do everything myself. For whatever reason the kids were ridiculously well behaved while we were there. Sadly the same could not be said for the two boys in line with their mom behind us. I think she wanted to kill me since I was the mom with the annoyingly well behaved children today, but we all know that was just a fluke.
Of course by then it was almost time for Nathan to be picked up so I came home for 45 minutes, then picked him up and headed to Sean's office again. After Sean signed the form I headed back to the license office, now with four kids in tow. The line this time was slightly shorter, but now I was accompanied by an antsy 4 year old boy, and a 2 year old with no nap, and an almost 3 month old who was hungry. Fun times! When it was finally my turn Nathan found a chair nearby and decided he should sit there. "Good idea," I told him, but then Megan decided she wanted to sit there and started beating Nathan in the head. Emma, ever the good big sister, decided to try to help smooth things over, but Megan just started beating on her too. The kids were actually being somewhat quiet through all that, but then Jackson started crying. Thankfully I was pretty calm today and I just kind of rolled with it, but I'm sure everyone in there was thrilled when we left.
It's amazing how kids can turn running errands into such a bigger task than you ever thought they could be.

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