Monday, July 16, 2007

If it weren't for bad luck...

we'd have no luck at all. Some days I really think this saying is directly linked to me. I do realize a lot of other people have it much worse than we do, but it's so frustrating when things keep happening that cost us money we don't have. On Friday I took the van to the auto repair shop to have them look at the drivers side window. It had been sometimes working, sometimes not for a while, and I finally had enough of getting stuck in the drive through having to open my door because my window wouldn't go down. I thought maybe it was a short in the connection since it would work occasionally, but I was wrong. They called to say that the motor that makes the window go up and down had went out, and with parts and labor it was going to be $330 to fix it. Plus, they had checked our transmission fluid and it needed to be cahnged. Don't ask me why they checked the transmission when it was in there for an issue with the window, but whatever. Anyway, we told them to fix the window, what other choice did we have, and to flush out the transmission since Sean knew that needed to be done anyway. So $460 later our van is back home.
Then today Sean called to tell me he got pulled over and the cop said our car was unregistered. I said "That's odd, I thought we got a two year renewal in 2006, and I know we didn't get a renewal notice this year, so what the heck." Turns out we only got a one year renweal, but even though we never got a renewal notice this year, we are still responsible for getting it done. How many of you look at your plates to see if they are expired when you don't get a notice? Anyway, at least the car doesn't need any inspections, but it still sucks that we are going to owe late fees, plus have to pay for this ticket and court costs. Luckily this is a no points violation, so at least our insurance won't go up.
By the way, has anyone won the lottery and want to share with us? :)

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