Monday, July 23, 2007

choo choo

Get on the train, the potty train that is! I am really hesitant to post this since it seems that anytime I post something about how great Megan is doing she almost always goes back to her old ways, but I really wanted to brag about Nathan, so I'm taking my chances. Nathan has been using the potty for the last week. Last Saturday I finally had enough of the diapers with him and I put them all away. I put underwear on him and just decided to deal with the mess because it is time for him to stop being stubborn and get on with using the potty. We had plenty of messes those first couple of days, but he got the hang of peeing on the potty by day 3. Pooping on the potty, now that's another story. He simply refused to do it. I think he was scared more than anything. We finally got him to go on the potty once and we made a huge deal out of it. He got a bunch of M&M's and we bought him a new matchbox car and we called grandma. It was a big deal, but it didn't last. We kept trying to bribe him with another new car or some other toy, but he just wouldn't go on the potty. We had lots of poop "accidents" this week, but finally last night he used the potty again. So we put everybody in the car and drove to wal-mart and let him pick out another new car. He was pretty excited and now today he has pooped on the potty 2 times. I know we are still going to have accidents, but this is major breakthrough for him since I figured at the rate he was going he'd be 5 and still wearing diapers. I know none of you are probably half as excited as I am about Nathan using the potty, but I couldn't be more proud of him. :)

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