Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bathroom pictures

Haha, oops!  Just realized I forgot to add pictures of the bathroom to the last post.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic of the room with the carpet, but it was the same as the living room carpet, so just use your imagination.  :)

color before

color after

and a picture of the tile. (yes the transition strip is missing between the tile and wood, but it's there now)

I haven't put the mirror back up yet either because I'm going to get it cut down.  It was so big before (as wide as the vanity), and I feel like it would look better if it was a smaller size.

Next up for renovations at the house;  putting a bathroom in the basement.  I think we'll be hiring professionals to do the plumbing and electrical down there, and then Sean and I will do the rest.  I don't need a flood or a fire in the house because we tried to do it ourselves, lol!


  1. I like it! It looks bigger now! Oh, instead of having the mirror cut down, you could purchase a mirror framing kit. It would make your mirror look smaller b/c the kit covers some of the mirror and I think it makes the rooms look even more nice! Just a thought. :) I'm about to buy one for my bathroom.

  2. I thought about framing it, but it's so big there isn't any space between the mirror and the wall, or the mirror and the vanity top. Does the fram kit require space around the mirror, or does it just go on top of the mirror?