Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Talk...Chore charts

I'm not a list type person.  Hard to believe, I know.  I mean you'd think with 5 kids, lists would be the most important part of my life, but I just don't do lists.  I will often go to the grocery store without a list, and generally I get everything we need, and not too many extras.  How I survive without lists, I really don't know. 
My kids, on the other hand, are list people.  I often ask Nathan how it is possible he can behave so well at school, but completely ignore the rules when he's at home.  His answer, "Because they have signs with the rules on them at school."  Apparently he needs that constant visual reminder that jumping on the furniture is not ok.  Not really sure why telling him not to jump on the furniture for the last 6 years hasn't worked, and according to him a posted sign will work, but whatever.  I'm willing to try it I guess.
So this brings me to my latest consideration, assigning chores to the kids.  I'm at a loss how to start this.  The kids don't really have official chores right now, though I would like to make some.  I'd also like to add doing their homework and reading a book each day as part of their responsibilities, so it won't be just a chore chart.  Any suggestions on making this?
I'm thinking of doing a spreadsheet for each kid.  The left column would list each "to do" item, and the rest of the columns would be one for each day of the month. I'd print it off and the kids could mark off each item they do each day, and we'd set a goal for each week or month and if they meet their goal they'd earn something.  Not sure yet what that something would be though.
Does anyone else do chore charts and have any advice?  Seen anything cool online on this topic?  We didn't do stuff like this growing up, so I'm rather in the dark about this.

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