Friday, December 31, 2010

one tired mommy

This past week has left me one tired mommy.  For Christmas, my brother, sister-in-law, Sean and I gave my mom a bathroom remodel.  The wallpaper in her hall bath was around 20 years old, and the carpet (yes, I said carpet) in the bathroom was original to the house, which is older than me.  Can you say yuck?!  My mom always says for her birthday and Christmas instead of gifts, she just wants us to help her out around the house.  So, this year we actually listened. 
Sunday we had our Christmas celebration at her house, and then my sister-in-law, Heather, and I got to work taking down the wallpaper.  I'm so glad we started that on Sunday with how crazy the rest of the week has been.  We got the wallpaper down and one coat of primer on the walls on Sunday.  Monday we did a second coat of primer and the first coat of paint.  The guys had the tasks of removing the vanity, carpet and toilet in between our work.  Unfortunately, Monday night my brother came down with a stomach virus, so we missed a couple days of work because of that, but the guys have been hard at work again yesterday and today, and just have a few more things to finish tomorrow.  I can't wait to show pictures of the before and after.  I'm so excited! 
Brooklyn is now 7 months old.  In the midst of this busy week, I completely forgot to make that post.  Sorry Brooklyn.  Those are just the hazards of being the 5th child.  She's still a crawling maniac, and pulls up on everything.  I am sure she'll be cruising soon.
In other crazy news, the permanent retainer I've had for 13+ years broke late Wednesday night.  It came loose on one side, so I spent Thursday morning desperately trying to find an orthodontist who was in the office this week that could get me in.  I did not want to wait until Monday and risk things getting worse and me ending up with a piece of metal wire stabbing me in the mouth for days.  I am unlucky that my orthodontist had retired, and no one took over his practice, so I had to find someone new.  After calling about 15 offices, I finally found a place that could get me in.  I definitely lucked out as the orthodontist is super nice, as is everyone in her office.  I have pretty severe anxiety about dentists and orthodontists, so I am VERY thankful I had a great experience Thursday.  Seriously, I got to the office building and thought I was going to throw-up from being so nervous.  Anyway, I chose to have her remove the permanent retainer removed so I didn't have to worry about something like this happening again, and I ordered a removable retainer I'll have to wear at night.  Go ahead and make your jokes now.  :)  I figure that's better than needing braces again.
All that, plus Brooklyn sleeping like crap has left me sooo tired.  I need a day that I don't have anything to do so I can just sleep, but I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen.  I'll take sleeping in a little tomorrow though if I can get it.  I wish I had a magic solution for getting Brooklyn to sleep, but I just can't figure anything out.  She only sleeps when she wants to, and nothing I can do can convince her otherwise.  At least it won't last forever, but I sure do miss sleep. 
And just so this isn't a long boring post with no pictures, here are all the kids at my mom's for Christmas.

and just a sneak peek of the old bathroom.  (awesome red carpet, right?)

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