Saturday, February 6, 2010

new baby purchases

So you'd think by baby #5 there would be nothing else on the face of the earth we could possibly need for a baby. Sadly, you'd be wrong! We bought a new infant seat when we had Jackson because our old one was expired. Well, the surprise of this baby means we have to figure out how to get 5 car seats in my car. After multiple configuration trials with our current car seats, we discovered it's just not going to work, so we had to buy yet another infant car seat. :( It's a shame, because I really like Jackson's car seat, and it's in great shape, but I really think this is our best shot at getting all 5 kids in car seats safely in my car. We looked into new car possibilities, but since mine is barely over a year old, it was a horrendous financial situation. So today with the help of the trade-in event at Babies r Us, we bought a new infant seat.

Another item I've always wanted, but just never broken down and bought is a rocker/glider. We decided to get one this time around, and then put it in our living room upstairs since we've been looking for a new chair for in there anyway. I found several I liked, but the cost of most of them mad me quite ill. I finally found one I liked that fit our needs and my wants in style and fabric, and was less obscenely priced.

Lastly we felt we needed a small travel bed of some kind to keep the baby in our room in the camper since a traditional pack n play won't fit. We looked into many of our options, and ultimately decided on this one.

Keep in mind we'll be using this when the baby is about 1-2 months old for the most part, so even though it looks pretty small, I think it will be perfect for a new, immobile baby.
All in all, an expensive, yet productive day. :)

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